Flash in

Flash in isn't in it's best state. Adobe blocked all instances of flash in most browsers and new flash content is pretty much impossible to come across, but...

If you want to relive the good old days of the internet or maybe experience them for the first time, you can still do that. If you're looking up flash I assume you know what it is, so there will be no 2 hour youtube video on the history of flash and it's player. You also assume any and all risk.

I'll be splitting up this page into 2 sections:

1. Where to view/get swf files

2. How to play swf files

General archives (and where to view/get swf files):

1.WARNING: This archive contains NSFW, SCREAMERS and unsavory content. | /f/ archive from /t/: archived.moe (~20gb, has about everything, consider where you're downloading from and what type of swf's you'll get)

2.My own version of the /f/ archive with most of NSFW, SCREAMERS and unsavory stuff gone, this was done manually so expect that I missed something: mega.nz (~16gb, general stuff, includes the flash projector)

3.The pown.it archive: archive.org (~7.5gb, mostly loops, probably has some NSFW)

4.Armor games archive: archive.org (~3k flash files, mostly games)


1. /f/ | Yeah, believe it or not /f/ is still a thing, there's a few new threads everyday. Do I really need to link it? boards.4chan.org/f/ (expect NSFW, duh) (has ruffle integration)

2. swfchan | The biggest flash archive/gallery on the web. Has both SFW and NSFW flash files. swfchan.com (Has popup and NSFW ads so use a good adblock) (has ruffle integration)

3. dagobah | Old school flash gallery. Has around 15k swf files with most of them being SFW. dagobah.net (has ruffle integration)


1. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint | Webgame preservation project, more than 100,000 games and 10,000 animations. Uses it's own client and flash projector. bluemaxima.org

These are all sites i've found so far. Have more? Email me.

How to play swf files:

There are a few ways to play swf files nowadays.

I'll just quickly mention flashpoint, it uses it's own flash projector and are tuned to work perfectly, so if you want to use flashpoint you don't have to worry about it not working.

Now that, flashpoint is out of the way we have:

Adobe flash projector (recommended): Included in my archive. A local option from flash themselves, works with 99% of swf files you might come across. Compatibility: Excellent

Old flash plugins: Old flash plugins that don't have the kill switch, they work but could be vulnerable to exploits. Compatibility: Excellent

Patched flash plugins: Flash plugins, with the patched out kill switch. Could be/become vulnerable to exploits. Compatibility: Excellent

Ruffle (recommended): Flash emulator written in rust. It's what most sites still using flash use now. Has a local player, browser extension and can be embedded in a website. Supports plenty of swf's but not all of them. Compatibility:Good

swf2js: JavaScript FlashPlayer emulator that analyzes SWF files in real time and converts them to HTML. Works with about every second/third SWF file, sound is usually broken and it's generally buggy. Compatibility: OK

Lightspark: Lightspark is an LGPLv3 licensed Flash player and browser plugin written in C++/C that runs on Linux and Windows. Untested, currently implements around 79% of the Flash APIs. Compatibility: ??? (presumed Good)

WAFlash: Flash emulator that has excellent compatibility with all three ActionScript versions. Unavailable for majority use, might become a commercial product. Compatibility: ??? (presumed Excellent)

AwayFL: open source Flash emulator created by the non-profit Away Foundation. Underwhelming for general usage, your mileage may vary, requires jumping through hoops to use. Compatibility: Poor

VLC/Irfanview/Online converters: May or may not work, if they do they tend to be buggy and work poorly. Avoid. Compatibility: Very Poor